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Novelty Food

Novelty Food was established to promote great tasting gifts for the premium market. Our basic philosophy is to create products that are tempting enough for you to buy the first time, and tasty enough for you to want to buy again.

Our aim is to engage and to create pleasure both in daily life as well to be a natural part at the bigger major events. We are specialized in the development, sales and marketing of exclusive foods, eg. Chocolate, sweets and gourmet-products from selected quality producers.

Our products are meant to be enjoyed with a sense of luxury. Novelty food stands for great taste and high-quality commodities. Quality will always surpass quantity.

Novelty Food when taste matters. 

Our products

Our own brands are Grieg Suites and VGAN, both developed according to our philosophy where taste is priority. The praline Grieg Suites is our largest single-product and are sold in a series of markets. VGAN is just launched and is a vegan chocolate where both taste and texture are the priority.

We import high quality products from all over Europe. Fudge Kings is at genuine English fudge and the premium Belgian brand Barú, consisting of hot chocolates and marshmallows. Both are available at ASKO and are sold in selected grocery stores, kiosks and Horeca.

We also deliver Private-label products with company logos, to promote companies or as gifts. These are delivered through Pro:Norge. We cooperate with Norwegian pharmacy chains and develop full concepts of eatable Christmas gifts.


Novelty Food
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